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#TransitSchool — Going to School: A Transit Summit

Going to School transit summit

Friday, September 28, 2012, 10am-4pm

York University, the Underground Restaurant, York Student Centre (4700 Keele Street)

#TransitSchool: Going to School: A Transit Summit

“Going to School: A Transit Summit” took place on Friday September 28, 2012 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, York University, Toronto.

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This forum is a call to action for the coordinated and sustained funding, construction and maintenance of a regional transit system to support and enhance the civic and economic vitality of Toronto and the entire Greater Golden Horseshoe region. In a broad context of transportation and transit debates in the Toronto region, Going to School will focus on the needs and issues of providing smooth region-wide transportation for the 300,000 students, instructors and staff at Southern Ontario’s institutions of secondary education.
10:00 Opening Remarks  

Roger Keil, Director, City Institute at York University 

10:15 Opening Keynote Address 

  10:45 Panel 1 – Presidents Panel 

John Tory, Chair, Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance (moderator)

Mamdouh Shoukri, President, York University

Tim McTiernan, President, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Chris Whittaker, President, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Deanne Fisher, AVP, Students,  OCAD University

Rob MacIsaac, President, Mohawk College

David Agnew, President, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology 

Brad Chapman, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President Business Development, Centennial College  

    11:45 Break

    12:00 Panel 2 – Transit and Land Use:  planning for transit-oriented (campus) development

Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner, City of Toronto (moderator) 

Bryan Tuckey, President and CEO, Building Industry and Land Development Association 

Chris Wong, Director of Transportation and Master Planning, York University Development Corporation

Marcy Burchfield, Geomatics/Research Program Manager, Neptis Foundation Sean Hertel, Urban Planning Consultant

  13:00 Lunch

  14:00 Panel 3 – Transit operators: serving and linking the region’s learning institutions

Royson James, Urban Affairs Columnist, Toronto Star (moderator) 

Andy Byford, CEO, Toronto Transit Commission

Gary McNeil, President, GO Transit

Michael Collens, Student, York University   15:00 Panel 4 – Lessons: academics from the region Leslie Woo, Vice President – Policy, Planning & Innovation, Metrolinx (moderator) Pierre Filion, Professor and Associate Director, University of Waterloo, School of Planning – Graduate Studies 

Laura Taylor, Assistant Professor and Planning Programs Coordinator, York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies

Zack Taylor, University of Toronto, Department of Geography, Program in Planning

    16:00 Closing Remarks  

Adam Vaughan, City of Toronto Councillor

We’re at "Going To School" transit summit at York U. We’ll be using the hash tag #transitschool for our Tweets.Spacing
A shout out goes to @rkeil. He’s one of the people behind the #transitschool event today at York U. Too bad I couldn’t attend. #ffAndré Darmanin
Opening keynote address from Councilor Adam Vaughn #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Adam Vaughan about to give keynote speech to Going to School transit conference. #transitschoolSpacing
Did you know Marshall Mcluhan was a terrible driver? #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Cllr Adam Vaughan: universities did not start as urban entities #transitschoolImelda N
University-driven infrastructure services one of the biggest demographics: students #transitschoolImelda N
An interesting history lesson on the expansion of universities in the GTA with Adam Vaughn #transitschoolAndrew Russell
In 1900 only 3 universities in Ontario. Now there is 15+ campuses in GTHA. Getting to them has always been a challenge. #transitschoolSpacing
Vaughan says there’s a pattern to transit building which parallels growth of universities and increases in population. #transitschoolTO in Transit
Since 1960s universities densified to address population growth, ceased to be rural campuses bcame neighbourhoods in cities #transitschoolImelda N
While population & universities have grown, transit to non-urban campuses has not kept pace. #transitschoolSpacing
Union Station as centre of transpo is employment-centric. Doesn’t serve teaching and training institutions well. #transitschoolImelda N
Representing @bildgta with Pres and CEO Bryan Tuckey at #transitschool #YorkU today. Counc Adam Vaughan keynote. Lazar
Vaughan explaining that expansion of GO transit coincided with growth in universities in 70s. Radial pattern takes shape. #transitschoolkristin olson
While GO transit passes & stops near universities it was never integrated as a way to commute to campuses. #transitschoolSpacing
Provide transit connections between similar programs in different institutions to encourage collaboration and innovation #transitschoolImelda N
Vaughan: need for connectivity to enhance collaboration and drive economic growth #transitschoolkristin olson
Increased transit connectivity will reduce education costs for students #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Reliable transit to a campus can usually mean students spending less time commuting & less education costs. #transitschoolSpacing
Devt pressures by transit make housing unaffordable for students. Affordable housing essential piece in transit convo #transitschoolImelda N
"@Spacing: While population & universities have grown, transit to non-urban campuses has not kept pace. #transitschool"André Darmanin
Vaughan says 650K potential post-sec students creates more demand to expand transit starting on campus. #transitschoolTO in Transit
John Tory about to announce our first panel for the day #transitschoolAndrew Russell
John Tory moderating first #transitschool panel with 7 university presidents and representatives. Res Urbis
Chris Whittakeer, Pres. Humber, talking about the LRT coming to @humbercollege #transitschoolAndrew Russell
At the #transitschool summit. Will be tweeting some event happenings from the @nrupublishing account.Jake Tobin Garrett
Humber College pres says Finch LRT good for school, but transit connections to Mississauga, Brampton & Vaughan needed badly. #transitschoolSpacing
@fabienneChan use #transitschool for your tweetsAndré Darmanin
Tim McTiernan, pres of U of Ont Inst of Tech, would like to see a transit network which connects all post-sec inst in region #transitschoolTO in Transit
Mohawk Coll’s Rob MacIsaac reminds everyone #transitschool that @Metrolinx The Big Move exists and would help connect regions and schools.Amy Lazar
Instead of debating where transit lines go, work to get @Metrolinx Big Move moving, Rob MacIsaac Mohawk Coll #transitschool #YorkUAmy Lazar
@fabienneChan ya. @spacing set it up. #transitschoolAndré Darmanin
Rob MacIsaac from Mohawk College say transit needs to also connect with key employment hubs and hospitals. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
Deanne Fisher, AVP, Students, OCAD University holding it down for the women on the all-male presidents panel. #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Vice/Presidents from UTS Humber UOIT OCAD Mohawk and Centennial agree new transit plan is good start for servicing students. #transitschoolfabienne.
Deane Fisher: OCADU is an urban university but not all students have an "M" postal code. Transit connectivity important #transitschoolImelda N
OCADU VP says 28% of fist year students spend 2 hrs a day commuting. 40% of students at OCADU from outside 416-area. #transitschoolSpacing
2/3 of York U students drive to school alone #transitschoolAndrew Russell
John Tory is very skeptical any of Big Move will be built. Gives no reason for doubt besides cynicism. #transitschoolSpacing
@cityslikr You’re at the #transitschool event? Look out for my name tag.Jake Tobin Garrett
"@Spacing: John Tory is very skeptical any of Big Move will be built. Gives no reason for doubt besides cynicism. #transitschool" @MetrolinxAndré Darmanin
I’m pretty envious of those up at YorkU at the #transitschool event.Nick W
UofT Mississauga Pres says talking about taxes to pay for transit shouldn’t be a dirty word. #transitschoolSpacing
"@AndyRuzzell: 2/3 of York U students drive to school alone #transitschool" what about #s for UOIT, UTSC, UTM, Mac?André Darmanin
General Consensus: Overburdened universities can’t foot the bill for more transit #transitschoolAndrew Russell
"@pkbwood: Adam Vaughan was Marshall McLuhan’s paper boy. "I delivered the medium and the message." #TOpoli #transitschoolAnge Kinnear
How much would u pay not to deal with the DVP, Gardiner and 401? This sentiment should be leveraged to fund transit #transitschoolImelda N
@jaketobin Instead I’ll try and pick you out from your Twitter pic. #transitschoolCity Slikr
What changes the conversation? #transitschoolKurt Reid
@ibhattac In the back corner sitting beside the city’s chief planner. #transitschoolCity Slikr
1,000 buses travel to Humber’s North Campus: Chris Whittaker Pres. @humbercollege #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Online learning could be done with wifi on transit lines – heard at #transitschool #YorkUAmy Lazar
Hard for university students to be productive on transit cuz of lack of wi-fi, says Deanne Fisher from OCAD. It’s "dead time" #transitschoolTO in Transit
Up next after the break at #YorkU #transitschool is a land use planning and transit panel with @bildgta Pres and CEO Bryan Tuckey.Amy Lazar
@cityslikr cool. by the stairs right? i’m at the table by john tory. #transitschoolibhattac
Tim McTiernan, Pres. OUIT, international students getting left out of the college experience #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Anyone find a plug to charge our phones? #transitschoolibhattac
what about a Measure R type investment to fast-track transportation projects? have to wait for @Metrolinx IS release next yr? #transitschoolAndré Darmanin
How come NO ONE told me the hashtag!?! Been #transitsummit all morning. #transitschoolShelley Carroll
Y’all missed out! #transitschoolShelley Carroll
Pres of Humber says colleges & universities needs to advocate for transit more strongly & work with students groups #transitschoolSpacing
@shelleycarroll Whoops! Well, welcome to the #transitschool hashtag party.Jake Tobin Garrett
Pres of U of Ontario in Durham says they are expanding online resources to encourage less commuting to campus. #transitschoolSpacing
VP UTSC Franco Vaccarino: students are the best advocates and partners in leveraging funding and action for transit projects #transitschoolImelda N
great to see councillor @shelleycarroll is at #transitsummit and is now using #transitschoolSpacing
MacIsaac, prez of McMaster, says university is working on mobility hub on campus with medical institution partners. #transitschoolSpacing
Cllr @shelleycarroll is at #transitschool today, along with loads of other smart folks who are "Going to School" ast York U.AutoShare
Deanne Fisher, AVP, Students, OCAD universities need to be more vocal on the part of their students #transitschoolAndrew Russell
OCADU Deanne Fisher: downtown universities need to be vocal about improving transit service to ALL students. #transitschoolImelda N
Seneca prez says plan is to increase parking prices to push students onto transit. He wants regional fares to help students. #transitschoolSpacing
1155 First mention of raising parking fees for transit money from Seneca’s David Agnew. You’re welcome, @jm_mcgrath. #transitschoolCity Slikr
Break time! #transitschoolAndrew Russell
John Tory said @CivicActionGTA launching awareness campaign for regional transit funding on oct 10. #transitschoolTO in Transit
Two interesting meetings today being tweeted: #HATS2012 in Omaha and #transitschool in Toronto. Give ’em a whirl.Chris Zeilinger
Meeting the new chief planner skew the City of Toronto #transitschoolKurt Reid
New Chief Planner of Toronto @jen_keesmaat in the @yorku hizz-ouse! This should be good. #transitschoolfabienne.
"@shelleycarroll: Y’all missed out! #transitschool" good to see you and Adam V. here!Hadley Obodiac
#transitschool Toronto’s new chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat is up now.Teresa Kalinowski
And we’re back! with panel 2 moderator Jennifer Keesmaat #transitschoolAndrew Russell
TO’s new chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat is hosting transit & land use panel. #transitschoolSpacing
How do we get beyond what we know we ought to do and what we end up with? The perennial planning q from @jen_keesmaat #transitschoolJulie Baldassi
Jennifer Keesmaat, Sean Hertel, Bryan Tuckey, Christopher Wong, and Marcy Burchfield #transitschool Bradford
An aside from #transitschool : YorkU has a nicely designed way finding system. Downtown campuses could learn from them.Spacing
Nice! Two #MES grads in the next panel on Transit and Land Use #transitschoolImelda N
#transitschool To keep up w/growth GTA nds to bld 40,000 homes a year, says BILD CEO Bryan TuckeyTeresa Kalinowski
@Humbledore increaseing parking prices on Seneca Finch campus = good as it pushes some students into car pooling. #transitschoolSpacing
Hey Metrolinx! We’re all waiting to hear you’re funding strategy. Tick tock. Tick tock. #transitschoolCity Slikr
10 yrs ago 75% of homes were blt in 905, now 60% are sold in the city of TO says Tuckey#transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
I’m in the #YorkU Student Centre all day but am in meetings so I won’t be able to attend #transitschool which is unfortunate. #TOpoliRobert Cerjanec
To all those attending #transitschool, welcome 2 the #YorkU Student Centre, a student owned & operated space that Im proud to be on the BoD!Robert Cerjanec
Chris Wong talks about York University’s task of city building in the northwest corner of the city at #transitschoolRoger Keil
Valid point by Brian Tuckey – Places to Grow should be used more as a growth plan, not a plan for growth control. #transitschoolfabienne.
It’s great to hear head of BILD Bryan Tuckey endorse density and transit oriented development outside of 416 area. #transitschoolSpacing
President BUILD: need to remove barriers to devt around transit stations, ensure devt doesn’t occur whr we don’t want it to #transitschoolImelda N
Land use, economics and transport planning need to be considered concurrently #transitschoolStephen De Medicis
Wong refers to this iconic picture of Murray Ross sitting at his desk in 1960 where the campus is now #transitschoolRoger Keil
Greatest transit need for colleges & universities? Better east-west connections. What’s good for school good for rest of us. #transitschoolSpacing
Challenge: reduce barriers to development along centres & corridors that supports transit says Bryan Tuckey @yorkuniversity #transitschoolBILD
Chris Wong from York says east and west connections are vital for university and will set stage for next 25 yrs of growth #transitschoolTO in Transit
Christopher Wong from York transpo & master planning highlights issue of fare integration in a region wide transit system. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
Students worry that unless fare integration improves they’ll pay 2 fares to ride new subway to York and transfer to bus. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Students worry that unless fare integration improves they’ll pay 2 fares to ride new subway to York and transfer to bus. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
York U students/residents/employees projected to jump from 60,000 to 110,000 #transitschoolAndrew Russell
1900 buses a day go through York Universitg. #transitschoolKurt Reid
Star columnist Royson James is in the building #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Spotted: @MaraSamardzic baby daddy at #transitschool #YorkUAmy Lazar
Currently, 1,900 buses from five diff transit agencies make trips to York’s Keele campus daily. #transitschoolTO in Transit
David Cooper, author of article in new issue & Calgary Transit planner, came to #transitschool even tho he’s here on holidays.Spacing
Wong mentions that YorkU is at the centre of an emerging transit corridor. Shows maps, gives figures at #transitschoolRoger Keil
Lots to be replaced w/ subways MT @TOinTransit: 1,900 buses from 5 diff transit agencies make trips to York’s campus daily. #transitschoolSpacing
Images shown by Wong at #transitschool of future built environment around YorkU show Berlinesque quality of volume & height. Will it happen?Roger Keil
Thanks to @Sean_Hertel for his shoutout for our Global Suburbanisms project at #transitschool Keil
Suburbs r new regional cities – diverse, soph’d – no longer defined by relationship to Toronto – urban planner Sean Hertel#transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
MT @fabiennechan: Brian Tuckey – Places to Grow should be used more as a growth plan, not a plan for growth control. #transitschoolBILD
@TessKalinowski Humber too! The Finch LRT could quickly connect the North Campus to DT. But w/out int-fare, why bother? #transitschoolGlyn Bowerman
Spotted: @TorontoStar @RoysonJames at #transitschool #YorkU. Weekend column fodder perhaps?Amy Lazar
Missing #transitschool today :(Amanda Napoli
Suburbs have grown into sophisticated, complex centres that have outpaced our understanding of city+periphery @sean_hertel #transitschoolImelda N
@sean_hertel argues we need to understand & plan for a complex interconnected region w many hubs, where TO is not only hub. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
The Neptis Foundation’s Marcy Burchfield makes the case for statistical knowledge & analysis and informed decision-making at #transitschoolRoger Keil
Marcy Burchfield of Neptis says stats he,p show the place the way it is, not how it’s imagined. Hear that @TOMayorFord? #transitschoolSpacing
Wish I was at #transitschool today here at #YorkU – but have too much other work to do! @rkeil – would love to hear what comes out of it!James Allan
"Using reliable data and information for evidence based decision making." Marcy Burchfield. Sadly still needs to be said. #transitschoolCity Slikr
But Burchfield also notes widening & multidirectionality of info flow away from the one-way street from ‘experts’ to society #transitschoolRoger Keil
Suburbs r new regional cities – diverse, soph’d – no longer defined by relationship to Toronto – urban planner Sean Hertel #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Marcy Burchfield, Neptis Found., talking about the need more collaborative environment between city planning institutions #transitschoolAndrew Russell
@RoysonJames has entered the room at #transitschoolHadley Obodiac
#transitschool i get a ride.. hahahahaha.Casandra .
"Politics has been coming into play rather than analysis and data, this shouldn’t be the case" -Marcy Burchfield #transitschoolKurt Reid
dj set tonight at Rancho Relaxo #transitschool #torontoGhost House
@jen_keesmaat arguing for the importance of creating places for students to live near campus. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
.@jen_keesmaat points out that regardless of transit progress, priority is living close to where we normally go (paraphrased) #transitschoolRoger Keil
We live regional lives so campuses are both central and peripheral says Hertel #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
"We live regional lives" says @Sean_Hertel at #transitschoolRoger Keil
Jennifer Keesmat asks the panel how we can avoid 3 hour transit times for students #transitschoolAndrew Russell
GTA 3rd fastest growing region in North America repeats Bryan Tuckey #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
.@jallanTO We’ll try our best to broadcast the results. Sorry to miss you hear at #transitschoolRoger Keil
Bryan Tuckey: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will "look, taste and feel" very much like North York Centre when done. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
Where we work, play and live – we live regional lives. Here comes the centralized vs peripheral paradox. #transitschoolfabienne.
Vaughan Metro Centre will "lk, taste and feel" very much like North York Centre says Tuckey. So there you downtown doubters! #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Bryan Tuckey of BILD advocates for rental housing to come to Vaughan City Centre and 905 transit hubs. #transitschoolSpacing
Brian Tuckey: spending money vs investing in future. #taxes #transitschool cc @mayorrobford #notgravyfabienne.
"We need to start talking about investing in transit not spending." Bryan Tuckey #transitschoolCity Slikr
Star columnist Royson James is in the house ready for post-lunch panel. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
@amirightfolks definitely taking my learning from #wacb forward! Net-tweeting it at #transitschoolImelda N
"YIKES!" : Bryan Tuckey: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will "look, taste and feel" very much like North York Centre when done. #transitschool"Shelley Carroll
Bryan Tuckey of BILD says transit planning of region is done; start building it (and figure out funding model). #transitschoolSpacing
Planning regional transit is done. Now it’s about the investing. Bryan Tuckey #transitschoolCity Slikr
What’s the cost of not building transit now? Sean Hertel #transitschoolCity Slikr
Bryan Tuckey: Vaughan Metro Centre will "look, taste and feel" very much like North York Centre when done. #transitschoolSpacing
@Sean_Hertel says we need to recalibrate our idea of the cost of transit. "What about the cost of not doing something?" #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
"What’s the cost of not doing something?" Sean Hertel re: understanding cost transit financing #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Does everyone know that elsewhere in this City, there are people who disagree with everything we are saying here? #Transitschool #TOpoliShelley Carroll
Bryan Tuckey says "we need a national transit system." #transitschoolKurt Reid
How will GTA compete w other cities that have national transit strategy? @oliviachow you should check out #transitschoolImelda N
Costs of status quo, sure…but voters don’t generally think that way. Need to promote individual benefits first #transitschoolStephen De Medicis
How many people feel a Nat’l Transit Strategy is a priority? Every hand up. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
The absence of national transit strategy is bemoaned by @Sean_Hertel at #transitschool (too bad @oliviachow was not able to be with us tdy)Roger Keil
Keesmaat points out that transit advocates are having that conversation among themselves. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
More than half of room at #transitschool thinks a national transit strategy is a priority. @Spacing wrote about this topic last year.Spacing
We need to broaden the conversation about transit and transit funding. Yeah, but how exactly? How?! #transitschoolCity Slikr
Chief city planner Jen Keesmaat asks for a show of hands in support of natl transit strategy. Most raise their hands. #transitschoolTO in Transit
York subway won’t replace 1,900 buses — only TTC buses but buses will be taken out of the heart of the campus. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
"@cityslikr: Planning regional transit is done. Now it’s about the investing. Bryan Tuckey #transitschool"Amy Lazar
@nick_wdt My favorite way is getting on Scarb lines & talking to actual riders. Wanna come with? #Transitschool #TOpoliShelley Carroll
"A good city is worth paying for" Sean Hertel #transitschoolAndrew Russell
A good city, a good region is worth paying for says Hertel #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
@shelleycarroll Can’t please everyone. It’s okay to say those who dont want transit are wrong. #transitschoolMatthew Blackett
National transit strategy is key in Canada. Is anyone from @canadiantransit here at #transitschool? Nice white paper on topic on their siteStephen De Medicis
@nick_wdt Piggyback concepts on development application consultation mtgs. Transit advocates NEVER attend these & should! #transitschoolShelley Carroll
Transit already in news everyday MT @cityslikr: We need to broaden convon about transit & funding. But how exactly? How?! #transitschoolSpacing
@Spacing Yeah but, it’s the quality of that news I’m wondering about. The broad robust debate. #transitschoolCity Slikr
I had a sec 2 stop into #transitschool & Cllr @shelleycarroll makes a great point re: transit and develop applications in areas #ttc #TOpoliRobert Cerjanec
@TessKalinowski I agree whole hearted! Good transit planning better for business (productivity), urban planning, family life! #transitschoolBrian
@shelleycarroll spitting fire about communicating connection between planning (ie density) and transit (ie subways). #transitschoolCity Slikr
Councillor Carole Shelley says there’s a disconnect between provincial MPPs and the communities #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Transit advocates need 2 come 2 dev app mtgs and have grassroots convo. Avoid costly OMB hearings! @shelleycarroll #transitschoolImelda N
@matthewblackett No I’m talking people who DO want Transit but don’t want ANY of the things that accompany it. #transitschool #TOpoliShelley Carroll
@shelleycarroll If I recall, you mocked @TOMayorFord for doing such. Your tweet exposes your hypocrisy? #topoli #transitschoolSattva Namaste
Also the coffee at the #transitschool event seems to be broken. I’m on my third cup.Jake Tobin Garrett
Am I wrong to think more than 2 members of the TTC Commission should be attending #transitschool? Chr Stintz and Cllr Augimeri. #TOpoliCity Slikr
@matthewblackett now talking up @Spacing magazine and their subway quiz. #transitschool Res Urbis
"Privately-Run Light Rail to Humber Disputed". Just in time for the #transitschool throw-down. #TTC #LRTGlyn Bowerman
Royson James just audience who are the @Spacing lovers. Lots of hands went up & a few hollers. #transitschoolSpacing
"@Spacing: Royson James just audience who are the @Spacing lovers. Lots of hands went up & a few hollers. #transitschool" LOVEAnge Kinnear
Royson intros Karen but announces she’s leaving early. Get your ?s ready. #transitschool #TOpoli Carroll
@TTCchair Karen Stintz saying council-approved LRT lines will help link colleges and unis into rapid transit system. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
Stuck in meetings, missing #transitschool. But follow that hastag for a great review of the presentations & discussion. #TOpoliTricia Wood
Michael Collens, a brave YorkU student, panels it up with TTC and GO chairs. #transitschool #TOpoli Carroll
At #TransitSchool listening to the afternoon talk moderated by none other than the Star’s @RoysonJames Augimeri
GO pres Gary McNeil remembers when even TTC didn’t go to York U #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
10% of GO riders r students. 15,000 people ride GO’s 500 407 express buses. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
McNeil mulling Collens’ idea of a term rather than monthly pass. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Gary McNeil (President of #GO) thinking about introducing a Term Pass instead of a monthly pass for students. #transitschoolfabienne.
My brave guy!@shelleycarroll: Michael Collens,a brave YorkU student,panels it up with TTC and GO chairs. #transitschool Rotering
A big thanks to our sponsors Bombardier Transportation, Amalgamated TransitUnion Local 113 and Faculty of Env Studies for #transitschoolRoger Keil
After his just-in-time column filing, Royson James has now introduced theafternoon panel at #transitschool with Stintz, McNeil and CollensRoger Keil
Is there anywhere with transit that goes ‘swoosh’ in 1 go as Royson James asks? Connectivity isn’t just about no transfers. #transitschoolCity Slikr
Gary McNeil says we need more dedicated lanes for GO buses #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Gary McNeil, GO prez: If you really want to move fast you need dedicated bus lanes. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
McNeil: Subway, LRT doesn’t make much difference in terms of time says McNeil. BRT efficient, can be blt on existing infra #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
GO’s Gary McNeil says fastest way to move thru region isn’t subway, LRT but buses in dedicated lanes. #transitschoolTO in Transit
FES YorkU student & transit maven @michaelcollens ‘owns’ the podium betweenStintz and McNeil at #transitschool. I call that a smart move!Roger Keil
Audience Q: being a student not 9-5. Transit planners focused on peak travel, but students need off peak, extended times. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
Stintz won’t promise TTC will restore late nite routes cut last year. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
GO transit chair challenged to eliminate free parking. Defends; the more spaces added the more riders take GO, stats say. #transitschoolSpacing
"905 has been designed for the automobile" – Gary McNeil #transitschoolKurt Reid
Once pkg lot is full GO ridership falls off at a stn says Gary McNeil who won’t apologize for GO’s reliance on parking lots. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Collens says GO shld charge for pkg so as not to penalize those taking transit to the stn. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Car coddling from GO President Gary McNeil! #transitschoolCity Slikr
Some real transit heavyweights in the audience #transitschool including, forexample, @SwanBoatSteve @franzhartmann @cityslikr @spacingRoger Keil
Student challenges Stintz that fares go up but service quality is getting worst, especially for 36 Finch West. #transitschoolSpacing
McNeil says where GO has increased parking capacity at its stns, ridership has shot up. "Pent up" demand for more parking #transitschoolTO in Transit
Lots of long term ideas but very few short term solutions being offered #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Stintz says TTC considering queue jump lines for buses on busy routes like Finch. #transitschoolSpacing
Stintz says TTC considering queue jump lines for buses on busy routes like Finch. #transitschool -@spacingTTCing
It doesn’t matter to me what colour the bus is or who I’m paying the fare to, says student Collens. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Gary McNeil, GO prez: in order to keep our competitive edge, we’ve got to keep investing in transit infrastructure. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
No leadership at regional transit level says Michael Collens. Hello, Metrolinx! #transitschoolCity Slikr
Blue sky transit shld be free says GO’s McNeil. Shouldn’t have to think about what system they r using #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Gary McNeil, GO prez: Blue sky idea? Transit should be free. #transitschoolNovae Res Urbis
Gary McNeil says that an ideal world "transit should be free" #transitschoolKurt Reid
Blue skying it, GO President Gary McNeil says transit should be free. Socialist! #transitschoolCity Slikr
GO transit chair says, in best case scenario, transit would be free. #transitschoolSpacing
Karen Stintz wants to open up a discussion on assigning a cost for using Toronto’s roads. #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Karen Stintz just advocated for user fees on roads #transitschoolJames Pyo
"pie in the sky-transit should be free" Gary McNeil #transitschoolMichelle
Karen Stintz says their should be a fee on road space. #transitschoolKurt Reid
No transit shld be free, including roads. People nd to understand road’s aren’t free. She wants rd pricing. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Stintz says she believes user fees for roads is needed. "We need to stop thinking road space is free." #transitschoolSpacing
Star’s Royson is an awesome moderator. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Why do we charge extra for Transit & not Roads? Both are a public service! #Transitschool #Topoli #Transit #CitiesSharkDancing
Gary McNeil updates his comment. "There should be equal footing." #transitschoolKurt Reid
McNeil: transit should be free. @KarenStintz: Misconception that driving is free; Road space is not free. <Realistic. I like. #transitschoolfabienne.
"We need a rational discussion on true costs of transportation" says @michaelcollens – driving isn’t free #transitschoolSean Hertel
Royson James wins best moderator of the day #transitschoolAndrew Russell
Land value capture needs to happen as private condo developers benefit from public transit infrastructure. #transitschoolfabienne.
While future plan talk is good, how come there is rarely talk about improving current service? That’s what most riders want. #transitschoolSpacing
Last panel, moderated by Leslie Woo, vice prez policy/planning at @Metrolinx, brings out the academics #transitschool Res Urbis
GO President Gary McNeil says not free public transit. Just priced according to a fair cost comparison to car use. #transitschoolCity Slikr
Provincial transit plan leaves it to municipalities to defend plan at local level. Laura Taylor. #transitschoolCity Slikr
York prof Laura Taylor says she feels as stranded on the Jane bus as she does in foreign countries sometimes. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Gotta head out to "Etobicoke Arts Urban Noise". Happy to hear Laura Taylor singin from my Planning Songsheet. #transitschool #TOpoliShelley Carroll
Sam Cass comes up in the discussion #transitschoolJames Pyo
All but one of these are GO buses @ YorkU. Subway only gets rid of the TTC buses. #transitschool #TOpoli Carroll
If Presto is just a way to collect fares that’s not good enough. We need a zoned regional system, says Zack Taylor #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Portland uniform bus branding reinforces regionalism, says Taylor #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Zack Taylor from U of T would like to see 1 brand for transit. No Zum, Viva, just one name that reflects regional identity #transitschoolTO in Transit
Suburban plan like a cheap cartoon. Same background design over and over again. Pierre Fillion #transitschoolCity Slikr
Something I did not expect: the #transitschool event starting and ending with references to Marshall McLuhan.Jake Tobin Garrett
Pierre Fillion says more discussion needed of the quality of the public transit experience, something not talked of much. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Quality of the ride. Pierre Fillion. 1st time that’s been mentioned today at #transitschoolCity Slikr
@rkeil Wish I could have attended #transitschool today – sounds like a great day. But I’ve been following the convo. Thx for all the tweetsJay Young
Lots of discussion of regionalism today. Way more than other transit events I’ve attended. #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
@shelleycarroll ya the GO buses park on that side,TTC on the other side. #TOpoli #transitschoolMegan Kinch
Central gov’t gd in theory but when it comes to local nitty gritty it’s useless, says Steve Munro taking swipe at Metrolinx #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
YorkU’s Laura Taylor wants a stronger regional govt in place to deal more effectively with local issues like transit. #transitschoolTO in Transit
Transit guru Steve Munro is not a fan of regional governance – good in theory, but won’t meet local needs #transitschoolfabienne.
3 out if 4 lights out in YorkU Parking elevator. Transit @ York is way more WomanSafe. #transitschool #TOpoliShelley Carroll
@shelleycarroll Oh??? You drove to #transitschool? Taking transit is beneath you? Charging city for mileage and parking? #topoliSattva Namaste
@TessKalinowski Thanks for providing updates on the #transitschool event. Much appreciated. Transit is a top priority in the GTA.Michael Torres
.@YorkU’s Gangnam style youtube video given special mention. #Transitschool conference complete.fabienne.
Making my way around the subway construction. Slow but W O R T H I T ! #TOpoli #transitschool Carroll
@rkeil suggests we have to stop thinking of Toronto as a small town and come to terms with the vastness of the region. #transitschoolCity Slikr
In his closing statement Roger Keil states: "making transit affordable, while acknowledging the cost of transit" #transitschoolKurt Reid
Make transit affordable while acknowledging the cost. @rkeil #transitschoolCity Slikr
Public transit should not be seen as something for students who grow up to drive cars. @rkeil #transitschoolCity Slikr
Unions should be part of discussion on transit. Workers know what they’re talking about: Roger Keil, York’s City Institute #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
#transitschool is winding downTO in Transit
Technology is not the issue. We need to focus on service, TO Councillor Adam Vaughan #transitschoolTeresa Kalinowski
Adam Vaughan: Convo needs to change from subways subways subways to service service service. #transitschool Res Urbis
#transitschool School’s out. Thanks for following.Teresa Kalinowski
Adam Vaughan: change Toronto transit debate from "subways! subways! subways!" to "service! service! service!" #transitschoolSean Hertel
Adam Vaughan in his closing remarks says challenge is to locate political constituency to advocate and improve transit issues #transitschoolTO in Transit
#transitschool all wrapped up, but if you want more here’s the info for a Nov 19 event on transit governance Tobin Garrett
And done! #transitschool is out.City Slikr
"@rkeil: @UrbanPolicyPlnr Thanks. We miss you here!" Most of Toronto does. 🙂 Congrats on a successful #transitschool!André Darmanin
"@fabienneChan: .@YorkU’s Gangnam style youtube video given special mention. #Transitschool conference complete." did you dance?André Darmanin
Royson James, Karen Stinz and more at #TransitSchool ! Can’t wait for @TorontoStar @GlobeToronto @CBCToronto coverage!Paul Nazareth
.@shelleycarroll Subway includes integrated @GOtransit Bus terminal at new 407 stn; this will relocate GO buses from campus #transitschoolMetrolinx
@Metrolinx @GOtransit That’s good news we didn’t quite have @ #transitschool so hurray. Bring it! #topoliShelley Carroll
@Spacing #transitschool while user fees can adversely punish the poor, people need to understand the cost of services – including roads.Brett Howell
“@shelleycarroll: 3 out if 4 lights out in YorkU Parking elevator. Transit @ York is way more WomanSafe. #transitschool #TOpoli” FYI @yorkuEl Dolmago
A good city-region is worth paying for! #transitschool @rkel @CANURB @Spacing ––james-ttc-abandoned-by-city-provinceSean Hertel
@newskepticx So I’ve learned from @Metrolinx . Chair Stintz wasn’t aware when answering our question @transitschool I guess. #TOpoliShelley Carroll
TTCed it back from #transitschool with @SwanBoatSteve, learning all I don’t know about public transit.City Slikr
Great to connect with @cityslikr @SwanBoatSteve at #transitschoolAnge Kinnear
“@Sean_Hertel: A good city-region worth paying for! #transitschool @angekinnear @CANURB @Spacing–james-ttc-abandoned-by-city-province”Roger Keil
@kristinmichi how was the conference today? “@Sean_Hertel #transitschool @rkel @CANURB @Spacing ––james-ttc-abandoned-by-city-province”Hilary Holden
@fabienneChan @TessKalinowski let’s follow Melbourne and make transit free before 7am: It is equitable and costs nothing #transitschoolHilary Holden

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